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released May 10, 2019


all rights reserved



BUTT Richmond, Virginia



8/3 @ river city roll
8/17 @ crystal palace
8/24 @ pansy fest AVL

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just like the rest, you puff out your chest
you let em all know you're the baddest the best

the winner of the rat race is here

you got to the top of your corporate slop
a shitlord! a shitlord! the kingdom is all yours!

& mike says that steve says that jim says that rob says
boy, i think that you're gonna make partner soon
just sign your life, your love, everything good you've ever done right here on this dotted line
think he's worked so hard for it, bet you think he gave his all for it
joke's on you, it was all handed to him on a silver platter
Track Name: 𝙱𝙴𝙻𝙻𝙸𝙽𝙸
i press the rotten peaches beneath my feet
i watch them ooze
let the juice drip down for you
i let them ooze, watch the juice drip down

rotten fruit
all i am is rotten fruit to you
rotten fruit
a swollen bruise
not sweet for you

rip the fruit from sac to sac
let the juice drip down my neck my back my legs

picked fresh
right at the peak
i was the freshest peach
but you left my out on the table for far too long
and soon i became rotten in the sunlight

soon my body will be nothing
and soon my body will be gone

sick saccharine
i'm dying cant you see it
sick saccharine
tell me you love me like you mean it
i await the day that my body will waste away
and soon i will be nothing but sticky in the palm of your hand

soon my body will be nothing
and soon my body will be gone
Track Name: 🇨​🇭​🇪​🇪​🇸​🇪​🇧​🇺​🇷​🇬​🇪​🇷​
i've given you all the clues
and all you gotta do is figure out what to do

and i know its just anxiety
that's keeping you from giving everything to me

i just wanna see you do it
i just wanna see you move it
i just wanna see you prove it

just give it all to me
Track Name: 🅣.🅚.🅞.
how much more destruction do you think that she can take?
how much more do you think that she can handle until she breaks?
she's holding on, she's screaming and she's holding on

fight to the death

did you ever think about how the ground you're walking on might sink
and pretty soon you'll be begging for something to drink
it's only three degrees- how can you make something out of nothing?

Man must always kill his Mother.
Track Name: Ŵ€Ŧ ŴΔŇĐΔ
I don't need you to tell me what looks good to you
I'm just doing me, can't fuck with that masculine attitude

just give me some space
just a little air
you're talking right in my ear

I don't think I asked for your opinion
I mean, look at you, why would I ever want your opinion?

I may be small but I know how to fight
you want a taste? open up cause you're getting a big bite.

Fuck you.
Track Name: ᑤᓎᙎ ᘜᓿᖇᒪ
I wanted you to know the summer days went on forever, your sweat dripped down so slow. If only you would have seen that for you, babygirl, I would've done just about anything.
Can I braid your hair? Can I please touch you anywhere?
Run away with me. Call your boyfriend, get rid of him- you know we don't need that ol' thing!
We are on fire.
And the sun's so hot as we lay out on the concrete, and you knock me right out of my boots as you knock me on my feet.
Track Name: 5Y573M5
same cycle
neverending madness in this world
politicians put the gag in
they hold your body down
you say you wanna make a change?
just wanna wake up one day and maybe not feel this way?

it could be so easy
but you'll stay wrapped in complacency

you say you're bored
you're running out of things to fill the void
you're not even sure how much you can enjoy anymore
sit back
donut glazed
like everything is gonna be okay
you say you wanna make a change?
you just wanna wake up one day and maybe not feel so gray

it could be so easy
but we're just wrapped in complacency
Track Name: ᎶᏒᎥᏢs
I don't know what it is but it grips

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